Costume and Adventure

After shooting in Detroit for a few years I wanted to start a project that was something more than architecture. The city itself is beautiful in both its elegant, bustling buildings and its dark, quiet, still buildings.  I wanted to put something in front of these landscapes, something that I loved and enjoyed.

It originally started with just a few friends and a handful of  beautifully handcrafted costumes. It's grown to something more with much larger shoots and many more enthusiasts who have a deep passion for these genres and characters.   

Highlight Gallery

Individual Shoots

Click the the following links to see what wen into the images, video coverage, behind the scenes pics of each shoot and the breakdown of how the image was conceived, orchestrated and finally published. 

The Empire at the Detroit Public Library

Tuskens at the Detroit Train Station

Hunting a Predator at The Vanity Ballroom

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