What to wear for your Senior Pictures

Choosing apparel for your Senior session can seem stressful at first; some even feel the immediate urge to go out and buy multiple outfits. Don't do that, at least not at first. Pick a pair of pants and lay them on your bed, now add a shirt. there's your first outfit.  You can add matching shoes  or a jacket or sweater that is a complimentary color. It's that easy.

Once you've laid a few outfits out you can see if you may need a new top or shirt or you may find you have everything you need. As you look down at your outfits keep in mind the next few points, and adjust as you see fit. 

Bring your favorites

Be yourself: Your senior pictures should reflect your personality, so choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable, confident and showcases your unique style and personality. 

Be the perfect Fit

Consider the location and theme of the photoshoot. If you're taking pictures in a park or natural setting, you might opt for earthy tones or light, flowy dresses. If you're taking pictures in an urban area, you might choose a more edgy or trendy outfit such as jeans and leather.

Keep it Simple

Avoid busy patterns or loud colors (such as neon colors) that may overwhelm the photo. Also avoid clothing with large logos or distracting patterns, as they can take attention away from your face, form and pose.

Dress for the Season

Dress appropriately for the weather and the season. For example, wear lighter, breathable fabrics in the summer, and opt for layers in the fall and winter. Having an extra pair of shoes or boots and a spare jacket or hoodie on hand for "just in case" is always a good idea as well.

Casual & Formal

Consider different outfit options: You may want to choose a variety of outfits, including formal and casual options, to showcase different sides of your personality. 

As a photographer I can't stress enough to bring at least one formal outfit, if you're wearing it to homecoming or prom, wear it for your portraits as well.

Give yourself props

Accessorize: Consider adding simple accessories like jewelry or scarves to add interest to your outfit. Hats, sunglasses and watches also add to the session as well come in handy when posing.

Remember what you did

Show your interests: if your involved in a sport, league, group or team; bring the ball, jacket, bat or memento to remember it by. Trophies, jerseys or cleats, it can be subtle or legendary, your choice.

Have Fun

If you enjoy it, let it show, if you're proud, don't hesitate. Remember, these pictures are for you and how you want to remember these days. Bring your car, bring your truck, bring your dog and make your memory.

Always bring options

It’s always better to have more options than less. There's definitely no pain in having brought something that wasn't worn than having limited options. Multiple outfits allow last minute switch ups and a bit more spontaneity in your session.

Where to Start? When do I book? What to wear?

Senior Sessions can be a bit intimidating because of the level of comfort and confidence most people have in front of a camera, the investment being made for the session and the over all value of the experience. Then there are the additional factors of posing, locations, wardrobe and style as well.

To help you with these questions and concerns I have put together a few articles to inform, inspire and encourage you.

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