Five Great Downtown Detroit Locations for Senior Pictures

If you are searching for an amazing place for your Senior Pictures look no further than Detroit.  Filled with Murals, art installations and century old architecture a short walk can yield a variety of amazing shots for your Senior Gallery.           

Downtown Detroit

In all honesty, Detroit was one of the top reasons I picked up a camera some 12 years ago. I fell in love with the street steam, graffiti and bronze statues perched high above watching down on its streets.  I've watched with them as abandoned high rises became boutique hotels again and street graffiti matured to murals painted by world renowned artists.

Here are some of my favorite places to photograph Seniors and Families downtown. Each location has their own distinct look and style. Most of them can be visited in a single walk and  a few are just a short drive.       

The Z Lot

Z Lot

A Parking Lot as a photography destination? Absolutely! With 130 paintings collaborated on by 27 international and local artists the Z lot is a different look on each of its floors. The top floor of course having a beautiful skyline backdrop for your portraits.

The Belt

The Belt

Be surrounded by art from the old cobblestone brick beneath your feet to the top floor of the Z Lot ten stories above you. The Belt is a mix of murals and art installations by both local and international artists curated by the Library Street Collective. For Pictures, its best to visit The Belt before its restaurants, bars and galleries open for lunch.                   

Wayne Court Building/Reid Building

A brisk three to four blocks walk down Randolph Street from the Z lot are two landmark buildings, the Old Wayne Court Building and Reid Building (also known as the Flat Iron Building). Both buildings date back to the late 1800s and offer distinct backdrops to your portraits.

Eastern Market

Eastern Market, started in the 1800’s, is yet another destination for distinct murals, architecture and art installations. With over 100 murals in and around the market it is one of the most concentrated Street art destinations in Detroit. Before going it is worthwhile to download the Mural map from “Murals in the Market”, even if the map may be outdated (2019).

Hart Plaza

Hart Plaza offers multiple portrait opportunities from the Riverwalk to the Horace E Dodge and Son Memorial fountain. The fourteen-acre plaza is also the home to the docked Detroit Princess and has an amazing view of both the Detroit skyline but Renaissance Center as well. Don’t forget to get a shot of the Fist, located in front of Hart Plaza on Jefferson as well!

Where to Start? When do I book? What to wear?

Senior Sessions can be a bit intimidating because of the level of comfort and confidence most people have in front of a camera, the investment being made for the session and the over all value of the experience. Then there are the additional factors of posing, locations, wardrobe and style as well.

To help you with these questions and concerns I have put together a few articles to inform, inspire and encourage you.

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