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Tips for a successful dog photography session

With your session booked and weeks if not days away, what could possibly be the best tip for to have a successful Photography Session? Well, you've already chosen the right photographer and that gets you at least over half way there, check out some of these tips to help stick the landing:


Out of all of the commands your dog may or may not know, "Stay" is the one that matters most when pictures are being taken. We recommend How to Teach your Dog to Stay in 3 Steps Force Free! Even a basic understanding of "Stay" goes a long way! If your dog already knows stay then the session just get even easier-


Definitely a major tool to getting good responses.  A good tip is to smell your treat? Does it stink? Can you smell it on your finger after the treat is gone? That may seam horrible to us but its phenomenal for dogs, the slinkier the better. This helps to let the dog know the stakes have been raised just by smelling your hand. Please avoid "crumbly" treats that disintegrate everywhere and any "oily" treats that may leave wet/oil marks on the paper background.

Shave and a Haircut

Grooming is highly recommended, nothing looks better than a cut and a blowout but make sure to schedule your salon day a week or two before your session in case the groomer get heavy handed with the shears.

Basic Grooming

Heavy shedding leaves hair everywhere and requires additional photoshop. Please groom your dog prior to arrival. This includes clean eyes (void of "crusties"), trimmed nails and clean paws are a must, specifically before shooting on background paper (dog tracks).         

Vaccines and Shots

These Vet appointments sometimes take the wind out of your dogs sails and leaves them a bit wiped out even days after the visit. If possible avoid vet visits close to your session date or schedule them after the session.

Looking Marvelous

If you're in for a studio shoot you've already picked your background color by now. Wear complimentary colors to the background, please avoid matching it. Neutral colors and clean socks, your shoes will more than likely come off make sure your toes aren't poking through.

If shooting outside go with a coordinated color palate, neutral colors, nothing too vibrant or Neon. Avoid multiple patterns and large visible brands.

Finally, The Session Day!

It's the morning of, what's in your "go" bag? Is your dog responding to stay? Are they filled with energy and yanking at the leash and can't wait to get in the car?

Take an Early Walk

Nothing gets our dogs attention faster then when we pick up their leashes, from anywhere in the house. Before your session, treat them to a long walk to disperse some of their energy and to start their day off right. If that's not an option try a game of catch in the yard to wear them down and take the edge off.

Hold off on Feeding

A Hungry dog is a treat motivated dog, simple as that

Things to bring: 

Treats, favorite toy, favorite squeaky toy, favorite blanket or comfort item. Also any items you would like the dog photographed with, please be sure to give us a heads up on these items in the questionnaire or feel free to call or text.

A Cool Attitude

This is going to be great, it might get a little hectic at moments but we plan for that.  For some pets this will be a completely new and strange experience, they wont know how to react and may not respond to commands as they would at home, that's okay,  we are patient and not everything always goes as planned. We allot for additional time in the shoot for cool down periods and quiet time if anyone gets too excited. We also have a large fenced in area for them to run it off as well as property for them to walk it off too. 

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