Family Portrait Photography

As empty nesters; if we had it all to do over again, knowing then what we know now, we would have taken a lot more pictures! Just as importantly, we would have had more fun! Time goes so fast and is gone before you know it leaving only memories. We truly believe to make a beautiful picture you need to have fun to make it memorable and an experienced and talented photographer to make it a good portrait.                          

Where do we take these good portraits?

There's a flower field out back with a stony path that blooms through out the warm months. There's a field of tall grass and an old log to perch on, there's even an old baby grand piano under a pergola beneath the old pine trees in the back corner of the property.

We have benches to sit on, apple boxes, old steamer chests and too many chairs in colors and styles from wicker boho to mid century mod to list. Sometimes a blanket works best and of course we have a variety of those too. There's a campfire area to make it look like you're roughing it and if you want to look elegant? Leather couches out in the woods with statues behind them standing in ivy groundcover.

As we do enjoy the privacy and convenience of shooting at the studio we also know of a few other locations locally (and some not so local) if nothing in the above paragraphs catches your interest.

And if outdoors doesn't suit your needs there's the full studio as well. With backgrounds and floor drops and multiple areas for quick change over, we are fully equipped to match whatever vision you may have. 


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Family Session

Looking for the full deluxe experience? These sessions are perfect for anyone looking for a more glamorous experience and diverse finished gallery. This session type is recommended for larger families, smaller kids that are slow to warm up, or if you are just looking for a fantastic afternoon with the ones you love.

Sessions include:

60 minute session in multiple areas on our property or in studio;

Outfit change with snack and beverage break

At least 25 edited images available for download and use

Access to our professional print services right from your personal gallery


Family Mini

Family means a lot of different things. These can be any type of session you would like! Families, couples, anniversary, pets, engagement, best friends, you name it! These shorter sessions are perfect for families with young kids. We’ll have plenty of time for family poses, pictures of all the kids together, individual pictures of each child and mom and dad together while keeping everyone engaged and having fun.

Mini sessions include:

a 30 minute session in 2 scenic areas on our property or in studio;

at least 12 edited images available for download and use;

access to our professional print services right from your personal gallery


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Give us a call at 586-321-6827 or fill out our contact form. We'll get right back with you!

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